Why do people give up on their weight loss programs?

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As a weight loss coach for over ten years now; I still find the most challenging aspect of my work is when people quit their programs. My clients have stated many reasons for their decision to stop trying to lose weight and they are usually among the most noted complaints.

One of the first things they will tell me is they’re hungry all the time and they miss eating their favorite foods. They hate exercising and want to be able to enjoy meals with others. Some tell me upfront ‘It isn’t fast enough’, others are brave and honest to admit they are NOT WILLING. I appreciate this, because it takes commitment and focus to get to the goal with any program.

Other people blame their environment, family, work schedule, cost…..there are always EXCUSES if you want to find one!

Some folks just disappear without a word. That that breaks my heart; because they don’t give it enough of a chance! People lose weight at different rates, depending on metabolisms, amount of lapses, activity and self care.

I try to tell people to have realistic expectations when it comes to their diet plan and that in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle they should have some type of exercise in their weekly schedule. A lot of people will step on the scale after a few days and give up if they don’t see any results happening right away. It took time to build up that extra weight and it will take time to get it off. A safe and reasonable goal for weight loss would be to lose about 2 pounds a week so the idea is to look for the long term and accept the plan as a lifestyle change. Many of my clients will try to change too much because of the expectation that it will be a fast fix. They’ve built up unhealthy habits for a long time and hope to have quick results by making huge changes in their lifestyle choices, only to fall back to old habits of snaking on cookies and chips, and then feeling worse!

One mistake that is often a problem is the idea that the lifestyle changes and eating habits are only temporary and that they can go back to the choices that caused them to be overweight in the first place. They haven’t made the decision to truly change the way they live in order to become a healthier and happier person and because of that they lose weight and then gain it back again. Many people view food as a reward for a productive day or a way of sharing with friends and loved ones as a celebration. Often it’s hard to break free of the eating routine because family members or friends are not supportive of the decision to eat healthy and eat less. Sometimes people eat because they are sad or depressed and see it a satisfying comfort that can help them take their mind off of their problems. In fact, probably 75% of people who are overweight are emotional eaters who might grab that snack because they’re bored or have cake because they’re depressed.

There are many reasons why people fail at losing weight and I’ve seen most of them through the years. Food is fuel for the body first and foremost and should be seen as a necessity for health. It is also pleasurable to eat tasty food but in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle the choices should be made with care.

Ask anyone that has lost weight; they will share it wasn’t easy; there were slips, and maybe a few plateau’s. They stuck with it and accomplished their dreams of attaining a new healthier weight and lifestyle.

Please don’t give up! There will always be challenges; that is the world of being a weight manager. Isn’t that better rather then going on diet after diet? It depends how much you want that healthy body and the freedom to go to the closet and pick out anything you want to wear!


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