What is a Paleo Diet?

Caveman Cartoon
Caveman Cartoon

Caveman Cartoon

Maybe you’ve heard people talking about the Paleo Diet or seen ads on TV, but what is it?

The terms Paleolithic diet  or caveman diet are based on how the people ate in Paleo times. The foods that were available were meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The principle behind Paleo is between 19 and 35% meat or seafood, 35 to 45% of fruits  and vegetables. The remaining amount of food is supposed to be healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil and nuts.

This diet of ‘Hunt and gathered’ foods should be undertaken with care as it could be a cause of compromising your health for the following reasons.

There is no dairy in this plan so you are in danger of a calcium deficiency. Some might say well you can take a supplement, which is true but calcium supplements are known to be difficult to absorb.

There are no grains on this diet which upsets the natural balance of energy burning.

Any lifelong plan of restricting whole groups of foods is really hard to do for the long term, and it’s also pretty difficult to do something so drastic all at once.

It would be best to eliminate sugary drinks and processed foods and this will inevitably improve one’s health. A natural and gradual effort to replace the sugary and processed foods with healthy meats and seafoods, vegetables and healthy fats would be a benefit for  anyone.

My philosophy is, if we attempt to change everything at once it is less likely to stick. When we make gradual changes we are more likely to hang onto these things. Some people have been successful by having the basic Paleo diet plus some healthy grains.

It’s important to note there has been no scientific claims that the Paleo can improve body composition or metabolic processes when compared with the typical western diet and though many claim they can lose weight on the Paleo diet, it should be used with care.

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