The Healthy Mindset

Change Lifestyle
Change Lifestyle

Today I was listening to a client’s exciting list of all  that is different for her.

  • She only has 2 bites now when’tasting’ a friends desert and she feels satisfied
  • She happily shops and prepares her food, so she’s not caught HUNGRY
  • She dines out with implementing successful strategies that support her goal
  • She makes time for activity at least 4 times a week
  • She surrounds herself with people that support her
  • She rewards herself as she reaches each milestone

 Later I was listening to another woman with a very different mindset. She feels as though she is stuck.

  • She starts each day with great intentions, even packs a healthy lunch & her gym bag.
  • Something always seems to get her stressed out at work & there is junk food free withen reach.
  • She tells herself she’ll work it off at the gym after work, but may as well skip her healthy lunch to adjust for the junk.
  • She gets so tired in the afternoon she HAS to have a coffee and something sweet.
  • The bad choices create guilt & remorse. She worked so hard today; she deserves happy hour with co-workers.
  • She shares work frustration with co-workers over some appetizers and margarita’s..tomorrow she’ll start for sure.

My lady number two has a completely different attitude than number one. I remember when lady number one WAS lady number two! What happened? She had a moment. A painful and difficult moment, but it changed her from making excuses to being committed, no matter what! She saw a picture of herself. She was looking at buying the next size up. She felt unworthy to date. That was her defining moment and she tapped into her magical place of determination. We have to want to lose weight more than anything else! It must take priority over almost everything to support the hundred or so decisions we make every day.

Please share with me! What was your moment?






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