Success Story #225 Louise

Weight Loss
Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Louise has lost 48 lbs in 5 months.  She has now maintained for 8 months!
She came to see me after many attempts to loose, however, not quite getting
to that number on the scale she wanted…and well, ‘life got in the way’.
What impressed me so much that was different this time was this..She got in
touch with her personal purpose! We had to discover not only her immediate
motivation, (health, clothes, comfort with her husband) but how being at her
healthy weight would give her the freedom she so strongly yearned for. The freedom to wear what she wanted, being in any situation with her husband,
doctor visits that resulted in great feedback! This now allows her to
LIVE HER LIFE WITH FREEDOM from the constant worry of her weight.

I’m so proud of her! she has stuck with learning new habits, and developing a different relationship with food. she now knows how to eat to nourish her body. She deals with stress in OTHER ways, emotional comfort in OTHER ways, and boredom in OTHER ways….how awesome is that ?

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