Should You Try DNA Testing For Weight Loss?

DNA Testing

Should You Try DNA Testing for Weight Loss?

Breakthroughs in science have made it possible for you to discover the genetic traits that set you apart. A DNA test compares a sample of your genetic material against known genetic sequences, based on established scientific and medical research. 

Knowing more about your genes helps you tailor your lifestyle to what suits you best.

Uforia Science

Uforia Science operates out of Utah in the US and is in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. They market a DNA testing kit that sells for $159.95 call Ustart. The kit contains instructions on collecting and providing your sample to be analyzed from a CLIA-certified lab and then another $99.00 to send it out to the lab for analysis. Your DNA is processed and your genetic data is used to create a personalized report that contains 100 plant based ingredients along with a list of vitamins and minerals that you should be taking. 

The UFORIA Kit comes with a 30 day supply of supplements they call “Pretrition”. 

Uforia Science pays affiliates on the sale of Ustart DNA Kits to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Note that in order to qualify for commissions, each Uforia Science affiliate must have a personal standing order of at least 100 PV a month.

This program may have some benefits and could genuinely help people, however it is pricey and the Multi-level marketing aspect gives it an elitist aura. If it’s so good for you, why is it so expensive? 


DNAfit says

“Our mission is to use genetic science and technology to help millions of people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our earliest heritage was in sports, helping elite athletes achieve their full potential. However, in just a few years, we found that genetics play a much bigger role than simply boosting performance.

Now, we’re tackling the effects of preventable diseases–before they creep into families’ lives. We help people understand more about their bodies and make simple lifestyle changes to improve health and well-being.”

This is also a home swab kit that you send in for testing. They have two tests, one for dieting and one for general health. The diet package is around 102.00 US dollars and the health package is about 149.00 dollars. (They price their products in Pound Sterling) 

As with Uforia they have genetic markers they use to evaluate your specific needs however they then pass on advice as to what you should eat and perhaps stay away from. They give discounts to users of 23 and me and Ancestry members.


Vitagene is another company that sells testing kits and plans that will help you be healthier and happier. Again it’s a cheek swab and you send it in for lab testing. 

The Health and Ancestry report costs 79.00 and provides a complete nutritional and exercise analysis. You can also upload previous DNA tests to their system for analysis. You can purchase monthly pharma-grade supplements that have been personalized to your own DNA and lifestyle.

Vitagene offers five different options that cover a wide range of reports including diet, exercise, skin, supplements and ancestry. The different bundles range in price from 79.00 to 209.00 for the premium Vitality Bundle. Which includes the DNA Test and Health Report.


Orig3n is another DNA testing company that focuses on nutrition and fitness. Their prices range from $149.00 each for the separate tests or a bundle price of $249.00. They sell personalized nutrition packs for $79.00 a month for 3 months, $9.00 for 6 months and $59.00 a month annually. 

They also advertise a range of tests for different specialized results that include behavior, hunger, metabolism, vitamin absorption, skin health and apperance and a few others. Each has it’s own price and range from $29.00 to $99.00. 


23andMe is similar to Orig3n in it’s marketing and structure however they have more focus on Ancestry that some of the others. They range in pricing from $79.00 to $399.00 for the VIP Health and Ancestry Service. As with the others they expound on how their service is based on solid science for the results.


Helix is yet another DNA testing company offering a range of products to enhance your understanding of your own body. The use the phrase “population genomics” in their marketing. Their tests are a bit different in what they offer as this is more a medical based testing procedure designed to uncover health risks along with ancestry traits.  Some of the testing they do includes risk for inherited cancers, heart disease, prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s. Prices range from $149.00 to $299.00.

Jenny Craig

Longtime diet icon Jenny Craig company has recently stepped into the DNA testing realm. It’s called the DNA Decoder Plan and claims to bring the possibility of weight loss with information about your DNA profile. 

The plan gives you 15 key weight loss insights along with a personalized menu, exercise tips and of course consultation with a diet expert. The DNA results will show you how your body processes food, how your body responds to exercise, how you sleep as well as eating disorders and metabolism. 

Maybe DNA Testing Doesn't Work for Dieting?

Last February, a team at Stanford University found that genes cannot predict who might lose more weight on certain diets. They found that adults who followed a low fat or low carb diet tailored to their genetic predisposition and biological makeup were’t any more successful at shedding pounds than the groups that followed the same diets. 

The study tracked 6oo overweight adults ages 18 to 50 who were randomly assigned to follow either a healthy low fat diet or a healthy low carb diet for one year. All of the men and women had their DNA tested before the study.

When the researchers further analyzed the data, they didn’t find that being assigned to a diet that matched that individual’s genetic makeup or insulin resistance could predict weight-loss success

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