Meal Kits and Weight Loss

Meal Kits
Meal Kits

Those meal kit services are all the fad and they claim to deliver low calorie and healthy foods. Here are some of their choices and the skinny on the fat.
In our busy lives we sometimes forget to stop and take a deep breath. We have jobs, family, friends and responsibilities pulling us in all directions and it can be challenging to keep things in balance. All of these tend to put our food and nutrition choices on the back burner and with many of us, our weight management can become a problem. Now we have these food kit services that claim to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle while minimizing our time deciding what to eat and how to cook it. Here are some interesting facts about the foods and the choices that they offer.

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh claims to be weight loss conscious and is known to be an easy to follow and simple option for meal preparation. They have a staff dietitian who evaluates the meal selection to ensure they balance and healthy. The meals are labeled with nutrition values and are low in oils and sodium. This is a great help in calorie counting which is the best way to help you stay slim in your busy life.

Hello Fresh says their food comes from local suppliers and is packed in recycled boxes that will keep the food fresh even if delivered when you aren’t home. According to reviews, the meals did come together in about half an hour as claimed and had a good mix of vegetables, protein and carbs. Meals are about $9.99 each.

Home Chef

Home Chef gives you 13 easy-to-follow recipes including gluten free choices and low carb and calorie recipes. The meals come ready in 30 minutes and come with recipes and portions neatly packaged. Some reviewers say the recipe instructions are not always clear. Nutritional values are posted so you know what you’re getting before you order. The menus are varied and quite tasty according to most reviews.      Meals are about $9.95 each.


Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a lower price service and has the most recipes on the ethnic side. The dishes are tasty but perhaps not as flavorful as some of the offerings from the other services. They offer a two person plan for $59.94 for three meals a week and a family plan for 4 at $69.92 for two meals or 139.84 for meals per week. Some of the portions may be found to be different than advertised.


Green Chef

Green Chef scores high in diet style choices with vegetarian, Paleo, and gluten-free options. The ingredients are organic and GMO free, all done without sacrificing flavor. You can get three meals a week for two, four or six people and the prices range from $10.49 for vegetarian to $14.99 for Paleo. Although this is the priciest service the taste scores are some of the highest in the lineup of delivery choices. Their pre-made sauces and dressings are excellent.



Plated has the highest marks for taste out of all the delivery services and is the most flexible in the number of meals you can order each week. You can create custom options and order up to seven meals for a two person plan. The good flavor comes with a caveat however as the fat content and sodium count are the highest of the main services. They are among the easiest to prepare as most of the dishes take 10 minutes or less to cook. This service does have gluten free dishes and they label their meals as low calorie, or contain nuts, etc. Prices range from $9.95 to $11.95 per serving.


Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegan service that is the most restrictive in terms of recipes although the food tastes good. All meals are served the same each week and there are only three meals a week. The two person plan is $68 a week and the four person plan is $74. The recipes contain whole grains or legumes and are high in fiber, also in fat content and sodium. All ingredients are non-GMO and sometimes organic.

Food delivery services can be a helpful option when planning meal choices for health and lifestyle answers. It’s a huge market that is growing with more than 110 meal delivery options available and other on the way. Even Martha Stewart has announced she’s getting into the business.

More information about these services can be found on the Consumer Reports website.


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