Weight Loss Begins In The Mind!

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Losing Weight takes focus and concentration. In this article you can find some insights about some of the mental aspects of weight loss as well as some tips to help you succeed in losing those unwanted pounds.

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Every year millions of people around the world go on a diet to lose weight. And every year millions of these dieters give up on their diet and put the weight back on, and often even more.

When you lose weight you lose muscle and fat, but when you put the weight back on it is just fat you are storing. So diets are arguably a greater health hazard than doing nothing at all about your weight – unless you can develop a diet that allows you to develop good, long-term eating habits.

Why is this goal so elusive?

Here are three of barriers to success you need to understand if you want to lose weight and keep it off!

1. You have two minds… 

Let’s start with a simple exercise: close your eyes and then try to remember all the details of the place where you are and the people around you (if there are any).

Try to remember as many details as you can. Then open your eyes and look around.

Even if you are in a highly familiar environment you are likely to have missed some of the things you can see. The question is not how much you could remember. Rather, the point is that you did not decide to remember some things and forget other things.

There is a part of your mind that operates in your nonconscious – that simply stores some things in your memory and not others without you even being aware of it. But this mind does a lot more. To give you just one more example, it manages all your organs – your liver, digestive system, kidneys, heart, breathing and so forth – without you being aware of this happening.

While you don’t know what’s going on in your nonconscious mind you are aware of what you are thinking about when you make a plan – you wonder whether you should or shouldn’t do something, try to make sense of something, or when you decide to lose weight.

This is an important point: we all have a mind that does a lot of things – in fact completes thousands of tasks concurrently without us being aware of it – and we have a mind that allows us to consciously think about things.

We could name these the ‘Doing Mind’ and the ‘Thinking Mind’. Clearly, our ‘Doing Mind’ is much more powerful and faster than our ‘Thinking Mind’.

Otherwise it could not carry out so many activities at the same time. There is a reason for this: our ‘Doing Mind’ has evolved over some 4 to 5 million years, while our ‘Thinking Mind’ developed only some 80,000 to 100,000 years back.

So nature had a lot of time to refine and improve the ‘Doing Mind’, while the ‘Thinking Mind’ is relatively new.

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