3 “Diet Foods” Known to Interfere with Your Health

Diet Foods That Interfere With Your Health

There are a large number of diets are out there, low fat, Keto, Atkins, Mayo and so on. Maybe you’ve tried one or two and gave it your all but it didn’t work.

It happens a lot. People follow the rules, stick to their diet rigidly and deprive themselves of their favorite foods in the quest to drop those pounds but it just isn’t happening.

So what’s the answer?

It may be hard to understand that many so called “diet foods” people have in their plans aren’t diet foods after all. The weight loss industry is big business and many products being labeled as healthy are not giving the results that you want. There are three types of foods that are problems and should be dropped off your list immediately.

Protein Bar

Protein Bars

One problem food that might be sabotaging your diet is the protein bar. Although they provide a satisfying snack and a good source of protein the sugar content can pack on the calories. Many bars have high amounts of sugar that can lead to an energy crash or food cravings. You can find some of these with low sugar and they can be a great source of fiber and moderate carbohydrates so the idea is to find a good quality product. Also may of these may contain GMO or gluten so it’s best to look closely.  


Fat Free

Fat Free Products

So called fat free products attract many dieters. The problem is that while they may be technically “fat free” they usually have a high amount of sugar or some other undesirable additive that is worse then the original product. One of the greatest threats to a good diet is excessive sugar and most “fat free” items are loaded with it.

Salad Dressing

Low Fat Salad Dressing

Regular salad dressings have a good amount of fat but that’s not necessarily bad. The fat can help you absorb antioxidants from lettuce, spinach, kale, tomatoes and carrots. It also helps your body absorb vitamins A,D,E and K. 

Low fat and fat free dressings add sugar and are packed with preservatives and possibly high-fructose corn syrup. 

Of course many sweet dressings are high in sugar and it’s always best to avoid foods with processed sugar and to eat as healthy as possible.


Yogurt With Fruit

Fruit flavored yogurts are fun and tasteful and a convenient pic for dieters, but it’s easy to overlook them for what they are: small little sugar pots! Individual yogurt packs have little nutritional value and are not bringing good amounts of pro-biotics to the diet. Even so they fill the shelves of the grocery stores and are still touted as a viable diet choice. There are sugar free varieties but these contain even worse ingredients for the body. Make sure your yogurt is low sugar and has plenty of pro-biotics. You can always add your own organic fruit to sweeten up the dish. 

Peanut Butter

Many people who are trying to diet are unaware of the problems these type of products can cause. 

The “fat free” movement has brought many choices in the grocery store including low fat peanut butter, low fat muffins, cookies, sandwich spreads and more, all containing sugar or even worse, high-fructose corn syrup. Make sure you know what’s in the foods you’re eating, especially when making diet choices. 

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