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Fitness Trackers, Do They Really Work?

There are so many selections to choose from and it seems everyone has one or wants one. So is it right for you? Maybe a look at some of the choices will help you decide.

While many people use their phone for fitness tracking, the popularity of personal fitness trackers is soaring. Fitbit is leading the pack with several models on the market with different functions and prices.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the best seller at this time. Although the heart rate monitor has had some problems for intense workouts it is still one of the strongest devices on the market. It features a step counter, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring and breathing training. Plus it reads out your text messages and phone calls which gives it a much appreciated advantage. $149.95, | Amazon

The Garmin Vivosmart Hr+ offers a mix of heart rate, GPS tracking and activity monitoring and is easy to use. It also delivers sleep monitoring, has a long battery life and is great at delivering notifications, also water resistant.$179.99, | Amazon

While the Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t differ too heavily from its older sibling in the looks department, with the addition of a heart rate monitor into the same sleek device, this is clearly a superior tracker.

It’s often said that trackers with screens can’t be alluring, but the Alta HR’s wide range of interchangeable straps help it become a discreet part of your everyday wear. You can pick up the sporty Classic models at the lower end of the spectrum in black, blue, plum and teal, with the more expensive Luxe bands coming in leather and metal variants. $149.95, | Amazon

Nokia has entered the smart watch market and the Nokia Steel HR is a top notch contender. It boasts an impressive 25 day battery life, leaving most other devices in the dust and it’s award-winning heart rate app the Health Mate watches your heart 24/7.  It also does steps, sleep and calories and easily switches to running mode and track distances for heart rate zones. It’s also a good looking watch.  $179.99.96, | Amazon

Smart watches have entered the fitness tracker arena. Of course the Apple Watch has fitness tracking ability and many Apple users wouldn’t have anything else.

Of course there are mobile apps that you can put on your phone that you can easily download. Most of us now keep our phones with us at all times so that’s an easy and quickly usable solution. (Maybe not that healthy, more on that later). Mobile apps are great assistants for weight loss, health and fitness tracking because our phones are always around and very personal. Even so, keeping fit is a matter of lifestyle choices and a keen attention to eating habits and physical exercise. In these apps you can count calories, check stats on walking, running, biking and log your progress. You can connect with a personal trainer who will check up on you and give you motivation to achieve goals.

One of these is MyFitnessPal, a free app that counts calories and lets you know how to burn off your food intake. There is the 7 Minute Workout by Johnson and Johnson which has adjustable difficulty routines to match your fitness level. There are music workout apps that allow you to create playlists for different workouts that would match yoga, running, aerobics and other routines.

Strava is a running and bicycling app that lets you compete against every other person who has signed up to use the app. You use Strava to track your runs and bicycle rides, and other Strava members do the same. The app collects everyone’s routes and times, breaks them into segments, and then tells you who has the best time along different stretches of roads and trails. If you’re the fastest on the road, everyone else using Strava near you will know it.

You can find more fitness trackers and plenty of info at the wearable’s site:

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Freedom from gaining the usual 5-7 lbs over the holidays

I’ve noticed with my people that one of the most impactful things I’ve experience is the way my clients have dealt with the holiday food through the years. I see that they’ve managed their choices and portions better each year and now they are having an enjoyable fulfilling fun family times with no regrets.

I see that many of my clients can now look forward to the holidays and are not dreading the times when those huge meals are set on the table.  They can show their kids and family that the meals don’t have to be a source of stressful choices and they can lead by example when it comes to those holiday gatherings. These happy eaters have come to know that they don’t need to be victims of social festivities and that these can be times where families can share memories. Those funny stories from days past, dad falling asleep in the chair and the children playing in the yard are things that my friends can look forward to and holidays don’t need to be about the roasted potatoes.

Here are some tips that I have given them through the years.

  • Eat your normal meals, get exercise to make yourself feel good about yourself, start your day out right.
  • Offer to bring lo-calorie dish or appetizer so you have something to munch on.
  • Serve yourself 2 spoonfuls of each item you really want and try not to let the food touch each other.
  • Enjoy the company and savor your food and don’t go back for seconds.
  • Enjoy your favorite beverage but don’t go overboard.
  • Enjoy that small dessert don’t go back for seconds

I guarantee 2 hours later you won’t be feeling regret and your holidays will be a time to remember.

Happy Holidays




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The Healthy Mindset

Today I was listening to a client’s exciting list of all  that is different for her.

  • She only has 2 bites now when’tasting’ a friends desert and she feels satisfied
  • She happily shops and prepares her food, so she’s not caught HUNGRY
  • She dines out with implementing successful strategies that support her goal
  • She makes time for activity at least 4 times a week
  • She surrounds herself with people that support her
  • She rewards herself as she reaches each milestone

 Later I was listening to another woman with a very different mindset. She feels as though she is stuck.

  • She starts each day with great intentions, even packs a healthy lunch & her gym bag.
  • Something always seems to get her stressed out at work & there is junk food free withen reach.
  • She tells herself she’ll work it off at the gym after work, but may as well skip her healthy lunch to adjust for the junk.
  • She gets so tired in the afternoon she HAS to have a coffee and something sweet.
  • The bad choices create guilt & remorse. She worked so hard today; she deserves happy hour with co-workers.
  • She shares work frustration with co-workers over some appetizers and margarita’s..tomorrow she’ll start for sure.

My lady number two has a completely different attitude than number one. I remember when lady number one WAS lady number two! What happened? She had a moment. A painful and difficult moment, but it changed her from making excuses to being committed, no matter what! She saw a picture of herself. She was looking at buying the next size up. She felt unworthy to date. That was her defining moment and she tapped into her magical place of determination. We have to want to lose weight more than anything else! It must take priority over almost everything to support the hundred or so decisions we make every day.

Please share with me! What was your moment?






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7 Steps For Long Term Success

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

“I  was doing so well with my plan.”  my friend stated flatly. ” I had so many compliments about my appearance and how healthy I looked, then I fell off my plan.” She looked down at herself and and then back at me, I thought she was going to cry. “I remember exactly when it happened, I was at a restaurant with some friends and we were having fun. Someone ordered a chocolate cheesecake and insisted that everyone try it.  I was thinking, no I shouldn’t, it isn’t worth it. but everyone else was in to it so I said to myself, it’s only one bite.” She looked me in the eyes with a sort of anger at that point. “It tasted like heaven. I love cheesecake so much and suddenly I couldn’t stop eating cakes and french fries and all the stuff I love. Now here I am, right back where I started, what can I do?”

It’s no secret that weight loss can be a difficult and never ending process that is full of obstacles. Most overweight people that decide to go on a weight loss routine end up regaining weight and some even add more pounds after their efforts. There are certain ways to sustain the weight you desire however and science has shown that strategies that use the following techniques are more likely to be successful.

1. Use those gadgets!

People who use scales for weight measurement and calorie counters are able to lose weight at a more sustained rate. The use of new devices to track fitness levels and distance measuring is a great booster for the individual who is trying to drop the pounds.

2. Watch your portions!

There’s no need to eat so much food! Successful dieters are mindful about the amount of food that goes on their plate and even the idea of using smaller dishes can make the whole dieting thing easier.

3. Stay away from your weakness!

So it’s the Black Forest cake or the chocolate pecan pie that you love so much? Don’t make it and don’t buy it. The trigger for your binge eating is often something that tickles your palette just the right way. Avoid these pound gainers as much as possible. (Maybe a few bites)

4. Don’t skip breakfast!

Many people know that breakfast is important and they make sure they have it even if they don’t have the time. The traditional breakfast is often touted to contain grains or fruit, however studies have shown that show a high-protein breakfast  keeps people fuller longer. A protein shake in the morning is the answer to a meal replacement that effectively improves weight loss and helps to sustain it.

5. Substitute when you’re hungry!

People tend to let themselves become ravenous and then can’t help overeating. Carry healthy snacks and keep that hunger pang away. Instead of scarfing down food at the appointed mealtime, try grazing during the day on healthier choices. It doesn’t have to be boring either. There are many ways to enhance the flavor of healthy food and make them as enjoyable as your favorite fast food fare.

6.Set your goals!

People who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off have a goal in their mind about what they want their life to be like. They write it down in a journal and keep track of what they’re eating and what kind of progress they are making.

7. Get Social!

It’s far easier to lose weight when you are connected to a program where people are committed to success. There are online communities to join and weight loss centers where people are trained to help. Just by engaging with others who are committed to losing weight and keeping it off you can greatly enhance your chances of success.


My friend went back on her weight loss plan and with some help from her friends, (like me!) she’s back down to her swimsuit weight. She still has a ways to go but she feels confident about her success. That’s most of the battle, knowing and believing in yourself and that you can live the life you want.

More later,



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My friends wedding dress

Plus size wedding dress

My friend went for her second to last fitting for her wedding gown,,AND even though she’s been following her food plan faithfully and workng out, it was tight! She cried all day long! She reached out to one of her former JC coaches. She then took it upon herself to do some serious research, and found a gym with a guaruntee of a 20 pound weight loss within six weeks. She’s on her first day and so far so good! I’ll keep you guys posted.


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